Treatment under general anaesthesia

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia despite many opinions is a safe procedure. At Elektoralna Dental Clinic we have a fully equipped anaesthesia facility which meets all requirements concerning patient safety. During the procedure the patient is supervised by an anaesthesiologist and a qualified nurse. General anaesthesia begins with the injection of anaesthetic drugs into the vein with the use of a special needle. The drugs are continuously administered throughout the procedure. The patient reawakens the moment the drugs are withheld. During general anaesthesia the patient is precisely monitored as to avoid complications. In the case of children, the anaesthetic is administered through a special mask in order to avoid panic.

The patient is treated without stress or pain during one visit lasting up to a couple of hours. After the procedure the patient remains in the clinic for a while under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist.

Our team of anaesthesiologists who work at Elektoralna Dental Clinic have already performed a couple of thousand general anaesthesias for dental procedures. During consultation the patient receives information concerning qualification for and information about dental treatment under general anaesthesia.