Endodontics, also referred to as root canal treatment (RCT) is sometimes the last option to save a severely damaged tooth. It involves a complete removal of the pulp from the pulp chamber and root canal system, their precise cleaning and obturation. This kills bacteria and stops the patient's condition progressing. It is important for the procedure to be carried out in rubber dam isolation.

Caries that is left untreated, periodontitis and other diseases of the oral cavity can lead to pathogens entering the tooth causing pain, swelling, discolouration or weakening of the tooth tissue. Unless this is treated in time, tooth extraction is necessary.

With the use of a specialist microscope and computed tomography we are able to look into even the most curved roots and efficiently treat them.

Diagnosis is based upon the use of the NEW TOM VGI EVO with Cone-Beam technology, which allows to view the tooth in cross section which would be impossible with conventional radiographs. We also use digital radiographs.

Elektoralna Dental Clinic is equipped with the latest instruments for canal treatment.

The operating microscope (Leica, Zeiss) allows to:
  • view the pulp chamber and root canals in great detail
  • remove separated instruments from the root system
  • remove old root canal posts
  • locate narrow canals
  • treat obliterated canals
  • close perforations
  • perform repeated canal treatment when the canal had been previously filled with a hard material
With the use of this microscope teeth that had previously been regarded as non-treatable can be saved, including those with periapical abscesses. System of nickel-titanium and steel instruments (including SAF system):
  • apex locator (endometer) of the latest design to measure the length of the canal roots
  • thermoplasticized injectable gutta percha (System B and Obtura III) which provides a hermetic seal

All this plus the skill with which our doctors work increases the quality of service and efficiency of the endodontic treatment.