- We use the best and latest light-cured composite materials to restore cavities with the layer technique as to make the fillings perfectly match the colour of the teeth

- With the help of these materials and our highly qualified staff of practitioners we can change the colour and shape of teeth, close gaps between them (orthodontics in one hour), provide composite veneers without previous tooth preparation (under the condition that the occlusion allows it) which keeps the hard tissue of the teeth intact

- DENTAL FACE REJUVINATION – a popular trend that allows the face to look younger without the use of a scalpel. This method returns a natural and healthy smile, a younger looking face regardless of age.

Tooth whitening

At our clinic we use methods which help patients obtain a beautiful white smile. We have the latest systems used in tooth whitening (ZOOM, NITE WHITE). As to secure the best possible results our doctors choose the most suitable method for each patient.