The Wand TM is a computer assisted system for applying anaesthetics before a dental procedure without the use of a syringe. Thanks to an inbuilt microprocessor that controls the procedure, the administration of anaesthetic is pain-free.

What is the difference between The Wand TM and a standard needle injection?

  • The administration of anaesthetics under computer assistance is pain-free.
  • The computer controls the pressure at which the anaesthetic is administered which eliminates pain caused by tissue dilation.
  • The needle is injected into the tissue in a rotary fashion with full control of tissue resistance, in contrast to the standard syringe and needle.
  • The patient does not feel numbness of the cheeks, tongue and lips and that is why they can freely communicate with the doctor.
  • During one application session it is possible to anaesthetise a number o teeth.
  • The absence of a syringe is a significant aspect of this method especially when dealing with children.