Julia the Squirrel foundation

Julia the Squirrel Foundation is the first and only Foundation in Poland, to ensure comprehensive dental care to those that need it, especially to children and adolescents with developmental disorders, to elders and the disabled.

Any institution - school, orphanage can register to take part in this free campaign. It all started on the 20th of September 2012. We perform cyclicle check-ups each Thursday and Friday around Poland.

More than 200 schools from kindergartens to primary schools and gymnasiums have taken part in the "Julia's adventures" programme, including children from orphenages and single mothers' homes.

Thanks to the great help of our volunteers the Foundation managed to provide dental check-ups to over 23 500 children around Poland.
Over 2600 children are subject to constant or emergency dental care.

More about the foundation - www.wiewiorkajulia.pl