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Elektoralna Dental Clinic is an exclusive dental clinic in Warsaw. In our clinic you can take advantage of dental procedures. The scope of our dental practice comes primarily cosmetic dentistry, but also endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. We are proud of our staff of highly trained professionals who continuously strive to develop their specialist qualifications and in so doing provide the best service possible.

At Electoralna Dental Clinic we follow strict procedures concerning the first visit. A complex and full diagnosis together with presenting the entire treatment plan is what we find most important.

MediRaty is a program of funding of medical services in installments.

A wide range of treatments funded and very favorable conditions make MediRaty are ideal for the patient who wants to use medical services at the highest level, but without straining the household budget.

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Our clinic offers comprehensive services for patients in four languages:

All procedures carried out in Elektoralna Dental Clinic are performed by a team
of highly trained specialists with years of experience.