Computed tomography – allows the viewing of fragments of the dentition and the entire oral cavity. Detailed information in our subpage titled “Our Speciality”

Pantomograph – panoramic radiographs give a survey of the entire dentition, the alveolar bone and reveal disorders in the maxilla and mandible

Cephalometric imaging – a special radiographic image used in diagnosing malocclusion and planning orthodontic treatment. Allows precise projections of the entire cranium.

Sinus tomography – allows the viewing of paranasal sinuses

Temporomandibular joint imaging – a recognised method for examining fractures and tumours of the temporomandibular joints and is used for tentative diagnosis before prosthetic and implant therapy.

Dental radiographs – a digital image of a single tooth gives a detailed view of the tooth and its surrounding structures. The exposition to radiation is lower than in standard film radiographs.