The presence of tooth deposits (tartar, calculus, plaque) may affect emotional well-being, appearance, the progression of caries, gingival and periodontal diseases and also the outcome of dental treatment.

Professional clinical prophylaxis:

  • scaling: removal of plaque and calculus from the surface of the tooth with the use of ultrasound instruments
  • sand-blasting: removal of deposits and stains
  • polishing
  • prophylaxis of dental caries (fissure sealants, fluoride solutions)
  • management of hypersensitivity
  • oral hygiene instructions, diet advice, selection of the right products for maintaining oral hygiene at home
  • During the visit, the hygienist removes the deposit off from the surface of the teeth (calculus, plaque). After the procedure the patient is instructed on how to properly brush their teeth.

    The hygienist selects the appropriate toothbrush and other products for oral hygiene maintenance. The date of the next visit is also agreed upon.

    Patients can buy professional products for at-home oral hygiene use in our shop.