If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, of if they bleed spontaneously, are vivid red and painful then it could suggest gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). When left untreated this could lead to periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium), loosening of the teeth and eventually their loss. This is why it is important to detect the infection and start treatment as soon as possible.

The doctors at Elektoralna Dental Clinic pay much attention to the diagnosis of periodontal infections. We have the latest equipment used for the early detection and treatment of such cases. We are the only clinic in Poland to use our own innovative method of stimulus treatment devised by Dr Dżulietta Kiworkowa which helps treat and stop the infection from progressing.
Inflammation of the gums and periodontium is not an untreatable disease, however it is important to detect and start treatment as soon as possible. At Elektoralna Dental Clinic we will make sure that periodontitis will not affect your smile.