Nowadays, it is very important that children receive professional dental care from an early age.

At Elektoralna Dental Clinic we practice paediatric dentistry in a friendly atmosphere which helps our young patients acquire a positive attitude towards dental treatment.

Taking into account the importance of the child's comfort, we hire certified dental hygienists who explain to the parents how to properly look after their child's dental health and development. They also provide our young patients with necessary instructions on how to maintain good oral hygiene.

We use the latest instruments produced by renowned companies as to provide the best possible treatment. We do not allow room for compromise when it comes to quality. Our paediatric dentists have everything they need at their disposal to provide professional service.

In special cases we offer dental care to children under general anaesthesia. We work with anaesthesiologist with many years of experience. Parents need not worry as the procedure is supervised by a team of experienced specialists.

Why is it so important for children to be treated by doctors with the appropriate qualifications?

When it comes to gown-ups, a visit to the dental office involves only providing treatment. However, with younger patients it is important that apart from treatment, the doctor also knows how to make the child feel comfortable and at ease on the dental chair, be able to predict certain reactions, ensure safety during the procedure and also allow the child to acquire a positive attitude towards dental treatment.