The loss of at least one tooth can lead to aesthetic, social and psychological discomfort.

Taking into consideration the importance of a full and beautiful smile we invest in long term, even life-long solutions. This is enabled through the insertion of a titanium implant into the area of a missing tooth. The implant serves as a substitute for the tooth root which integrates into the bone tissue and provides support for prosthetic replacements. The implementation of such a solution does not require previous tooth preparation under the condition that no contraindications are present.
The implants we use in our clinic fulfil the highest standards and requirements and are among the most advanced available on the planet. They are produced by such renowned companies as: Straumann, Astra Tech. These systems guarantee the widest range of choices concerning implantoprosthetic solutions.

Our doctors (surgeons and prosthetists) take part in a specialized research study conducted by Straumann - “Straumann Study Project”.

We are proud of our staff of highly trained professionals who continuously strive to develop their specialist qualifications and in so doing provide the best service possible.