Diagnosis of TMJ disorders

Dysfunctions of the masticatory system have become an important issue nowadays. Specialists regard them as diseases of civilization due to the increasing amount of stress people deal with every day. If you notice any of the following symptoms: clenching or grinding of teeth, clicking or popping in the joint, headache and stiffness, ringing in the ear, lacrimation or tooth wear it could mean that the problem also concerns you.

In order to meet demands, Elektoralna Dental Clinic has started working with doctor Andrzej Bożyk Ph.D. who is a specialist in the field, to provide professional advice and help treat disorders.

Firstly, a clinical examination is performed as to gather information concerning the patient's occlusion, articulation, masticatory muscle and temporomandibular joint function. After the interview and tentative diagnosis, the doctor refers the patient for further diagnosis as to ensure effective treatment and an easy recovery.

In order to analyse the patient's occlusion we use Cadiax, which is a device for registering the motion in the temporomandibular joint. It enables efficient therapy of the masticatory system.

Computed tomography is another important diagnostic tool we use to look at the TMJ from the inside. NewTom 5G XL provides a quick and precise cross section view of the bone structure and allows 3D tissue reconstruction.

Due to the many reasons for TMJ disorders we take an interdisciplinary approach during treatment. Apart from relieving symptoms, we use restorative and surgical methods to eliminate the causes. In addition, we provide education and help with overcoming parafunctional habits.