CT imaging of the dentition is presently the most precise method used in planning dental procedures. Because it gives a virtual image, doctors use it to plan procedures in great detail. Such well planned procedures are safe and less invasive.

At Elektoralna Dental Clinic we are equipped with the NEW TOM VGI EVO which is the latest 3D computed tomography machine.

Instead of using standard pantomographs, we obtain a 3D image of the teeth and sinuses in 3 minutes. In the cross-section images it is possible to detect caries, inaccurate root canal treatment and all forms of inflammation. On the basis of these images we can calculate the right length and angle at which to screw implants and this reduces the risk or rejection to 1%.

We can locate the position of impacted wisdom teeth in 3D.

The latest technology provides perfect images with minimal radiation dosage.

Computed tomography is irreplaceable in sinus examinations.

It is only possible to accurately view the inside of sinuses with computed tomography and this helps determine whether headaches and other symptoms are caused by sinus pathology.

The radiation dosage in our CT scanner is reduced to the necessary minimum and is thirty times lower than that of standard scanners you find in hospitals. This makes it possible to view children's sinuses.